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Recruiting for a management position represents a major challenge for any company, whether it is a small to medium-sized enterprise or a large group. According to a study carried out by HR Voice, the wrong recruitment for a manager profile represents a loss of between €45,000 and €100,000 for the company.

Generally speaking, if you want to find the right person for this type of position, just publishing an advert is not enough to help you find the best. That’s why our headhunters are trained to target the “top candidates” for the position using advanced tools.

The identified profiles are placed in a role play situation with face-to-face interviews, using an evaluation method to identify soft skills (leadership, commitment, ability to challenge internal processes, etc.). This method has just one objective – to safeguard your recruitment process!

Direct & Indirect Purchasing Director / Operations Director / Transition Manager / Supply Chain Director / Logistics Director / Subsidiary Director / BU Director / Factory Director / Site Director / Transport Director...

In an increasingly stretched market for executives, recruiting a good buyer has become a complex task. Too many recruitments happen by default, leading to bad choices due to a lack of good candidates and the right tools to attract the best candidates within a reasonable amount of time.

Over the past few years, however, the Procurement role has become more than just strategic for companies. The new generation of buyer is no longer a simple executive or cost killer. The role now goes beyond the exemplary use of new tools allowing better procurement. The buyer has now become an intrapreneur and a strategic partner for the management team, suppliers, internal and external customers.

In this context, our teams use sourcing and evaluation methods, which allow them to go beyond a simple job description, with the objective of putting forward profiles with development potential that share your corporate values.

Buyer Procurement Officer / Project Buyer / IT Buyer / Family Buyer / CAPEX Software Buyer / Asset Manager / Direct Buyer / Indirect Buyer / Public Buyer / Purchasing Assistant / Leader Buyer / Local Buyer / Legal Expert in Purchasing / Purchasing Quality Manager / Methods & Purchasing Tools Manager....

The Supply Chain sector has undergone an unprecedented upheaval over the past few years. Digitalisation, low-cost production in emerging markets, the densification of flows and new social and environmental concerns have profoundly changed executive roles in Logistics and Supply Chain.

Our team of consultants will do their utmost to attract and evaluate profiles that are sensitive to these profound changes. Whether we are recruiting an Operations Manager, a Project Manager or an Analyst, we adopt the right recruitment method for the relevant job role.

S&OP Manager / Performance & Continuous Improvement Manager, Coordinator / Procurement Manager / Project Manager / Flow Manager / Stock Management Team Leader / Charterer / Forwarding Agent Planning Manager / Sales Manager / ...

Key sectors

We operate everywhere and across all lines of business !

  • Industry
  • Retail & Mass Consumption
  • Services
  • Healthcare
  • IT & Digital

Industrial sectors are probably the most affected by changes in their Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain departments. The technical requirements for recruitment positions are increasingly sophisticated and the right profiles are often already employed elsewhere. Our partnerships with the largest industrial groups in the market have allowed us to develop unique expertise, which means that we understand your business sector and can save time by presenting profiles that are relevant to what you are looking for.

Automotive / Aeronautics / Agribusiness / Weaponry / Construction / Components / Equipment / Industrial Solutions / Engineering / ...

The world of retail and mass consumption has long been an example of the efficiency of Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain processes. These sectors are often ahead of others when it comes to performance. And this excellence calls for exemplary profiles in recruitment. Our consultants for the Mass Retail, Specialist Retail and Luxury Goods markets will supply the necessary discipline and commitment to source, evaluate and present the best profiles in record time.

Luxury Goods / Brands & Consumer Goods / Personal and Household Equipment / Prêt-à-Porter / Mass Retail (food industry) / Mass Retail (specialist) / Pure Players / ...

The Service sector is also affected by a shortage of top-performing executives in Procurement and Supply Chain positions. In order to supply services that fulfill their promises to customers, whether for BtoB or BtoC models, market players must surround themselves with dedicated profiles, capable of implementing increasingly innovative Procurement or Production processes. To find the right people, our teams can identify the most promising potential, using unique tools which go beyond traditional recruitment procedures.

Transport / Finance / Catering / Insurance / Banking / Hotel industry / Leisure / Security / Other / …

The world of healthcare is strongly affected by the performance of its procurement and supply chain systems. With increasingly strict legal and sanitary requirements and innovations that are specific to these strategic markets, healthcare needs people who can keep pace with the world as it is today. Our teams understand your markets and, rather than simply headhunting among your competitors, they know about the specific technical characteristics of your sector and can identify profiles that have the best potential for success in your profession.

Pharmaceutical laboratories / Biotechnologies / BtoB healthcare distribution / Hospitals / Associations / ...

The Digital and E-commerce sectors are often where the shortage of available executives is felt the most. Our assessment of the market for potential candidates is very simple: the required technical skills associated with the necessary soft skills to succeed in the digital sector create a great deal of tension in the market for executive positions. To overcome these difficulties, our teams are able to call on a unique level of energy for headhunting and a direct approach, as well as identifying those profiles that stand out in terms of potential.

Solutions Developers / Integrators / IT Services / Digital & Web Agencies / Connected Objects / Media / ...

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